Flashback Friday: Bru Chicago Serves it Up at Wanderlust 108



On May 14th, wanderers from all walks of life gathered in Chicago to participate in Wanderlust 108. If you missed it, please buy a ticket for another city, or wait until next year if you want to test your patience! Register here! Participants had the opportunity to meditate, practice yoga, run in a triathlon, listen to lectures on relationships and etc., and try Bru Chicago! That’s right! Wicker Park’s very own Bru Chicago was a qualified vendor for the festival. Serving tea and juice samples, everyone came back for more and referred others to come to our table! It was an amazing event and Bru is so grateful to have been able to participate and contribute to everyone’s zen.

At Bru Chicago, we believe in the power of community. By attending Wanderlust 108 we were able to represent Wicker Park and Chicago on a grander scale, exposing it to over 5,000 people! Stationed in the Kula Market, Bru was among the best of the best vegan and organic foods provided. Our raw juices are made from 100% real fruits and contain no preservatives or artificial colors. We highly recommend that Chicagoans attend this event every year and stop by our coffee shop for free yoga on Tuesday evenings in the meantime!

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