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Coworking at Brü Chicago

When you want to work on a project, but find the local library passé, where do you end up? While coffee shops are great places to go and do work and meet new people, coworking spaces are the next big thing. They give you the comfort of a coffee shop (along with caffeine perks), but they are equipped with more sophistication and class.

No other city in the United States has anything on Chicago when it comes to illustrious universities, amazing archetecture, and a growing startup community. When students enter Chicago’s academic institutions, they are taught by the best professors in their perspective field. From the rich research community at UIC, the strong social sciences cirriculum at Loyola University, the innovators at Columbia College, to the creative techies at ITT,  school  pride encourages them to want to do more with their lives, as a means to maintain the respect and prestige that they’ve built up with their academic reputation thus far. These students are chock full of innovative ideas and are ready for the world! Everyone from graphic designers, freelancers, and IT, are starting up their businesses in Chicago!

While we may be patiently awaiting to see who will become the next Mark Zuckerburg or Bill Gates, it takes capital that many students have yet to acquire while in school. The next issue becomes where can these students go to associate with people who can offer advice or even a collaboration to help their efforts, while staying out of trouble. Whereas, college campuses provide this environment, it separates the students from society and keeps them from interacting with others that are already out there swimming with the sharks of entrepreneurship.


Here’s where ingenuity comes into play.

Now, more than ever, coworking spaces are being utilized to be unify brands and business owners while creative people use these spaces to also look for better jobs and entrepreneurial endeavors to cut out the middle person.


Coworking at Brü Chicago


The cost of paying for a membership to work in a space that offers all of the amenities as Starbucks, without the distractions, is worth every penny! Coworking spaces cut down on irrelevant chatter, dismisses people that you don’t need to know, and brings the entrepreneurial community together. By creating a startup space for such high thinkers to interact, coworking spaces have made it cool to be a part of the work-from-anywhere culture.

The big wigs of the coworking world are WeWork and 1871. These are the hottest, most savvy startup spaces available right now with locations all over the world! But, just because they are the hottest doesn’t mean that they are the best options for you. WeWork is becoming more like a club with lots of booze. Some have been displeased with the crowdedness as well as the noise level, even going so far as to describe it as a frat house. At 1871, it is no different. It’s known to be crowded, loud, and the internet connection has its days. They are both expensive, and completely deviated from the concept of the affordable coworking space. With prices more than 2x higher than that if you were to move your startup community to Wicker Park. There are a few affordable coworking spaces there that offer both hot desks and dedicated desks with enough internet to go around including free Range and Platform.

At Brü Chicago, the most that a member will pay a month is $350 and that includes a personal desk, a private bathroom, mail & package handling, a dedicated phone line, and 15% off of everything in the cafe, just to name a few amenities.  If you only have a small project to do and just want to get away from home for the day, you can use a daily pass for only $35!

Coworking space is what you’ve been looking for to do work from your computer without the shirt and tie of a formal office setting and Brü Chicago is the dream destination. In facet, coworking spaces are more needed in Wicker park because that is where most of the freelancers are.


Now What? Click Here to become a member and check out a full list of our amenities! (Side Note: We deliver!)


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