Summertime Chi: Vegan Drink Fest in Grant Park


No squares allowed!

Vegans are the new cool kids on the block. It’s a lifestyle only known by the rich and infamous. What makes new information more accessible? Credible Blogs. Written by vegans, for vegans (and soon-to-be vegans), Ecorazzi.com presented Chicago with it’s  annual Vegan Drink Fest. On June 25, 2016, Bru Chicago participated as a vendor among  over 50 other vendors. Little did you know, Brü was a hit among the crowd of vegan foodies! 
Ecorazzi has a unique voice when it comes to media because it’s an online magazine that people refer to for the latest in news, pop culture, commentary, and animal justice with an unapologetically vegan voice. With an exceptionally large following, Ecorazzi showed gratitude to  attendees by making sure all of their attendees were presented the opportunity to try the very best in comfort food, craft brews, wine, and spirits in Chicago’s Grant Park.

What’s “the very best”?

Upton’s Breakroom, located in Ukrainian Village, offers vegan-friendly comfort foods made with someone’s foot: Bacon Ranch Cheeseburgers, Breakfast Tacos, and Loaded Potatoes… I’ll stop there to give you time to clean up the salivation you just drib led.

Chicago Diner is a staple for the Chicago vegan community. Using local and sustainable ingredients, all menu options are vegan-friendly or have a vegan option. The staff is accommodating and there is always a crowd! One of the more well-known vegan eateries, Chicago Diner is a vegan foodie’s #1 go to.

Soul Vegetarian is a great place to eat at if you want a healthier option for soul food. Who in their right mind wants to give up macaroni & cheese or cornbread?! Well, at Soul Vegetarian, you get to have your cake and eat it too, literally! You get to enjoy the same great tasting southern cuisine that you love, without the dairy, gluten, grease, or sodium! Can I get an Amen?

Vegan Drink Fest Collage

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