Summertime Chi: Vegan Drink Fest in Grant Park


No squares allowed!

Vegans are the new cool kids on the block. It’s a lifestyle only known by the rich and infamous. What makes new information more accessible? Credible Blogs. Written by vegans, for vegans (and soon-to-be vegans), Ecorazzi.com presented Chicago with it’s  annual Vegan Drink Fest. On June 25, 2016, Bru Chicago participated as a vendor among  over 50 other vendors. Little did you know, Brü was a hit among the crowd of vegan foodies!  Continue reading

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Networking & Coworking Event in Wicker Park


In need of a change of scenery and more people to talk to? Are you innovative and looking to be a part of the next buzz worthy collaboration?

On August 8th at 5pm, Brü Chicago (located at 1562 N. Milwaukee Ave) will host its first Networking & Coworking Mixer. Beverages and refreshments will be provided. Also, this event is BYOB. If you have diet restrictions, feel free to bring your own food or order form our vegan-friendly menu. There will be an open juice bar.

Get cozy and creative with minimal distractions at the professional coworking space at Brü Chicago. We cure entrepreneurial loneliness by providing an exceptional working environment that caters to you as a business owner or as part of a business team. With a private coworking space, more focus is put on the tasks at hand, as opposed to a disruptive phone conversation with someone’s boyfriend or the juice machine that never shuts off. As well, we want you to network with dynamic like-minded people to keep the ball rolling and find that perfect market fit!


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The Law of Energy

B-Vitamin Green Smoothie

We can all attest to the feelings of the blues or simply having “one of those days”. In actuality, that feeling of lethargy can more times than not be linked to a vitamin deficiency. Vitamins function as catalysts for reactions within our bodies, regulating chemical reactions. This means that they turn the foods that we eat into energy and other necessary substances. Without these vitamins (known as deficiency), one is susceptible to disease because nutrients aren’t being absorbed properly for growth, development, and a variety of other bodily functions. While some of the necessary vitamins are already produced by our bodies, there are some that are required for us to intake, such as B-vitamins. Continue reading

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Coworking Space is Coming Soon to Brü Chicago

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